Sister School: Abercorn In London

At The British International School of New York we are very proud of our British roots and our sister school Abercorn in London remains a great partner in keeping BIS-NY well-connected to Britain.

A practical advantage of the two sister schools is the opportunity for our students to transfer between the schools, should it be necessary, and where space is available.

Abercorn School

Abercorn School has over 400 students on four central London campuses and is rated by The London Times as one of the top schools in the UK. The school has gained an enviable record of excellence and achievement for boys and girls from two and a half years old. The school guides both pupils and parents through the education process to ensure children attain the highest standards and reach their full potential.

Mrs. Greystoke who founded both The British International School of New York and Abercorn School is American born, and Radcliffe (Harvard) and King’s College (London) educated. She was the first female teacher at the prestigious St. Paul’s School in London. She has a British husband and six grown children.

For more about Abercorn School please click here to visit the school's website.

Pupils are extremely well prepared for the responsibilities, opportunities and experiences of the next chapter of their lives. 


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