Culture And Community

At The British International School of New York we pride ourselves on a welcoming culture that touches every aspect of the school, and every member of our community. 

We know new schools (and for some, new cities) can be daunting. From the very first days as a BIS-NY family, it is the school's priority to help connect its new families with friends in the same year group and other families at the school. Play-dates before term starts, and connections with families that live locally are arranged so children arrive at school reassured and with a friend they know in place. The scale of the school is such that everyone knows each other by face and by name, and that there are truly no strangers.

With over 40 nationalities represented we celebrate above all the things that connect us; a desire for our children to succeed and find happiness in a community in which they feel respected, welcome and happy. For our parents too, some of whom are new to the city also, our BIS-NY Parents' Association is warm and welcoming, and in a school where there is no fundraising, its primary mission is to help settle, inform and support all families.

Parents and visitors often comment on the remarkable qualities shared by our student body, as diverse as it is. It's not just our student's intellectual curiosity that is praised, but their keen sense of ethics and cultural understanding, thirst for discovery of the world beyond their immediate environment, open embrace of different perspectives and adeptness in communicating ideas effectively. These attributes offer our students an invaluable head start on the education path they will follow in the years to come.

Inside the school, regular meetings with the school leadership team encourage active dialogue between the school and the parent body. An engaging and enjoyable calendar of events both social and school related ensures that parental friendships evolve and flourish as much as the students.


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Nothing beats experiencing BIS-NY for yourself, but we hope this video will give you a greater sense for the energy that permeates our corridors and the vibrant community that makes BIS-NY so much more than a school.

BIS-NY is a unique blend of diverse cultures. My son doesn't have to travel far to travel far to experience different cultures; he just has to have a playdate with his school friends. 


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Outreach projects at BIS-NY involve highly collaborative partnerships between the school faculty, the Parents’ Association and most importantly our pupils, who are an invaluable source of ideas and enthusiasm.