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Welcome to BIS-NY, where students discover for themselves the opportunity and excitement of a challenging and rewarding education that is truly global. For many, where they start their New York adventure and for all where they continue their educational journey towards a successful future.

At BIS-NY our students are at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make whatever their age, and we know that a happy child is a successful child. It's a vital part of what sets us apart; our child-first approach, our global perspective, and our warm welcome.

For families embarking on those first steps into school, and for those based elsewhere and planning a relocation to New York, we’re here to help. We know just how daunting it can be to find and select a school, and so we’re here to lend support, making choices and transitions as seamless as possible for all the family. The quality and the portability of the education offered at BIS-NY sets all our students up for success, regardless of where their future might take them. 

We encourage you to explore the site to get a sense of the energy, warmth and purpose that permeates the corridor and classrooms of BIS-NY and to contact us directly to organise a private tour and explore just what makes BIS-NY so special, and so much more than just a school.

Jason Morrow 
Head of School

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