Plan your visit

Where possible, we do recommend a visit in person to see the school and meet the team. It is in through visiting our school one-on-one that you get a real sense for the energy that permeates the classrooms, the purposeful happiness of the students and the passionate dedication of our teachers and specialists. 

Ready to visit BIS-NY?

At BIS-NY we invite families to join us in a private tour of our school so that we can tailor the visit to your families needs. Our tours provide the opportunity to meet our admissions team and have your questions about our school, culture and community answered. We will then take you on a personalised tour of our campus, ensuring we visit your children's potential classrooms and giving you the chance to see our classes in action where possible. There is also opportunity to meet with our Headmaster and or key teachers to provide further insight into our curriculum, teaching and ethos. 

Applying remotely? 

For international families that cannot visit us in person, we encourage you to contact our Admissions Team either by phone or email so we can fully support you as you consider your options. 

As part of our mission to serve these families who cannot be in New York during the usual admissions cycle or who are transferring outside of the traditional admissions cycle, we do offer open enrollment (rolling admissions) throughout the year where space is available. We aim to make the admissions process as smooth as possible for those making remote applications & for your ease, every step of the journey can be done online if needs be.  

Visit BIS-NY