Even from the earliest age The British International School of New York encourages trips outside of the school throughout the school year.

These trips are be designed to hone life skills, such as how to safely travel as a group when outside of the school buildings, and to reinforce areas of learning, skill and exploration. The added enthusiasm that a visit to a relevant place can bring to a topic is immeasurable as well as building new memories, friendships and experiences that will stay with our children beyond their school days.

Bringing the curriculum to life

It is usual that trips will be designed to reinforce areas of the curriculum, bringing topics and concepts to life. Examples of this in the Early Years include exploratory visits to Central Park, a visit to an Opticians, and even a trip to the Museum of Mathematics. As students progress through the school, the scope of the trips offered expands to cover all areas of the curriculum and beyond. Examples included Year 4 heading to Ellis Island, trips to the MET, the Hayden Planetarium and the residential trips to the Florida Keys and Washington D.C. and Arizona in the Middle Years.


Residential Trips (Middle & Upper School only)