The Student Voice

The goal of Student Voice is to give MYP students representation in decision making within the MYP, and to have a direct impact on the development and improvement of the program in a position of leadership. 

Student Voice nomination is open to all MYP students.  Two representatives from each class are elected by student vote, after delivery of their nomination speeches.  Student Voice meets with the MYP teacher committee once per month to discuss and develop possible solutions to pertinent student issues. Student Voice representatives are active in gathering feedback and ideas from their peers to bring to the teacher committee, and feeding back to the MYP student body on matters discussed and actions to be taken.

Student voice is loud and clear and is taken seriously by the staff at BIS-NY. Students are proud of their school and are confident and articulate in discussing their role in the organisation. They value the close relationship with teachers and there is clear evidence that they have an influential voice. 

COBIS Report 2018