Teams, Clubs and After School

At The British International School of New York we are delighted to offer a robust competitive sports program and a varied after-school club program. 

Designed to offer exposure to new skills and areas of interest, keep those who are strong in sports stretched, as well as to encourage new friendships, our clubs vary from term to term. All activities are designed to be enjoyable and age appropriate, therefore some options are not available to our youngest students.

I like doing sports like surfing and snowboarding and have really enjoyed learning the cello. This year I was invited to play with the pit crew orchestra for the BIS-NY production of Bugsy Malone. I am also a member of the String Ensemble and have even played a solo at Speech day in previous years. I am a strong swimmer and have enjoyed participating in BIS-NY sports including basketball and soccer. Thank you to the BIS-NY community for making all of this possible.