Will you help Year 11 complete the BIS-NY 5 5's?

Will you help Year 11 complete the BIS-NY 5 5's?

Year 11 have been working with Hire Cause, in order to come up with a project that not only supports the school community, but also raises money for charity.

We have decided to launch a project called BIS-NY’s 5 5’s. This involves people performing 5 acts of kindness, 5 different exercises, connecting with 5 people, donating $5 to charity and nominating an additional 5 people to take on the challenge. 

We have decided to raise money for the Bowery Mission. This is a local New York charity that supports the homeless population. During these times, homeless populations are particularly vulnerable, and we thought it would be a great way that they could help support their local community. 

We want to encourage as many staff and students to get involved, and hopefully with the nomination process we can reach people all over the world. 

Please have a watch of the video, and get involved in the activities if you can. 

Please watch the video here or below and donate here if you can. 

Thank you so much for your support, 

The Year 11 Hire Cause Team 




The donation page is here:




Thanks so much for all your support with this


The Year 11 Hire Cause Team 

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