Introducing the BIS-NY Bees!

Introducing the BIS-NY Bees!

We are delighted to officially launch our reimagined nursery program, the BIS-NY Bees for 3s & 4s. 


As enrollment opens and we move a step further into the process, it is our pleasure to share with you our newest video about the program, as well as an invite to our Early Years Discover morning on Wednesday the 3rd, February, to meet our team and ask any questions you may have. RSVP

Meet the team
At the heart of the Hive are our talented teachers who in hand with our specialist staff ensure that every day is a day to remember for each of our Bees.  With so much to learn and so much to make sense of when you are so little, that having a team of adults that are solely engaged with the well being and progress of the children in their care, can truly make all the difference.

Learning, discovery, friendship, and fun
Discover a program that stretches and supports, keeping fun and wonder alive. Behind the scenes, a balance of child-initiated and adult-directed activities helps motivate, engage and promote successful and happy learning within an established educational framework.

Our specialist teachers ensure a breadth of the program - both inside and outside the classroom - so that each child may grow and excel in all areas of learning.
As the world around them opens up, we are there to guide and support, helping the students settle easily, start to think critically through asking questions, and make meaningful progress as they go.

First steps in the journey
Beginning your education with us at BIS-NY is just the first step into a community of learners who share in the wonder, love of learning, and opportunity for discovery. We look forward to showcasing some of the incredible progress that our students make as they journey through the school.

Next steps
Feel free to reach out for a one-to-one telephone call or zoom meeting to speak further about your family and how best we can answer any questions you may have, or assist with the application process.

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