A blast from the not so distant past!

A blast from the not so distant past!

As we kick off a new school year, welcoming old and new friends, we're delighted to share news from friends who left us for pastures new...

Farewell Mr Ferguson

We are delighted to announce that Mr Ferguson, who left BIS-NY in June 2020, has secured a post at Claremont Fan Court School, Surrey, where he has started as a Year 5 Mathematics teacher and also Head of Science. In January Mr Ferguson will be appointed the Head of PE and games. Although Mr Ferguson is loving being back in the UK, he also misses BIS-NY dreadfully and hopes he can return to visit at some point in the future.

The Fitzgerald Family bids a fond farewell!

After 4 years as part of the BIS-NY community, the Fitzgerald family has returned to Ireland where the 3 girls, Zoe, Lucy and Katie recently started at St Mary’s School, Cork. The girls were devastated to leave BIS-NY and were recently quoted saying…“BISNY is the best Mum”… and… “no offence Mum, but BISNY is top notch!”
(Quite the endorsement and I have to say, we agree girls!)

We wish all our alumni a very happy start to the year and can't wait to hear your news as you settle into your exciting new chapter!

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