Green Team


The BIS-NY Green Team is a passionate and dedicated group of students and teachers who are committed to encouraging Greener practices at BIS-NY and our homes. 

We are BIS-NY's Green team! For five years the the Green Team has been helping our community be more environmentally stable and safe with students from years 6-9 helping organize and create ways for our school to reduce the use of paper, electricity and waste. The Green Team started from a group of teachers who were very passionate about saving and protecting the environment. Their goal was to make our school more environmentally friendly. Four years ago, two students who wanted to study and improve our school's sustainability and environmental impact for their STEAM project. They recruited two students in year six to help start up the new student led Green Team. Those two students have been in the Green team for four amazing years, helping BIS-NY become more environmentally aware and friendly. BIS-NY's Green Team has made this website for YOU to be able to see what we have been doing for our school.

Remember! A greener BIS-NY is a better BIS-NY!

What does Earth Day 2020 mean to BIS-NY students? 

Our Year 7 students explain what Earth Day 2020 means to them, and share the activities they are taking on at home in order to make a difference. 

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Green Team