Community Outreach

An aim of The British International School of New York is to develop caring and open-minded students, who are empowered to improve the world around them.  In order to achieve this, action based community outreach initiatives are integrated into multiple facets of the BIS-NY learning experience, to demonstrate our commitment in making a difference to our local, national, and global communities.  

In recent years, BIS-NY's House System has partnered with three non-profit organisations:  Right to Play, The Thirst Project and Pencils of Promise, to promote action and understanding about the basic rights and needs of young people. The school also fund raises for these important causes. Through various other initiatives, such as a school wide day of service, known as BIS-NY Cares Day, No Name Calling Week and a year-long Pay it Forward challenge, BIS-NY students develop strong and intentional ties to our school and local community. When global emergencies happen, BIS-NY students gather to raise funds and take action. This year, our chosen charities are: 

In the Middle School, service and action are taken a step further.  Year 9 students complete the MYP Community Project. During this process, students decide on a global issue they are passionate about and create an action service project to educate others and create positive change. Students in the MYP also participate in other service projects through residential excursion trips and community based connections. 

Community Outreach News

Outreach projects at BIS-NY involve highly collaborative partnerships between the school faculty, the Parents’ Association and most importantly our pupils, who are an invaluable source of ideas and enthusiasm.