At The British International School of New York we believe that wearing a uniform instills a sense of pride, unity and community between all our students. In Upper, students do not have a formal uniform but instead have a dress-code.

For N (Bumblebees) - Year 9 - Getting started online 

  • Please review the Uniform Guide here to help guide your selection on the website. 
  • Create an account with LandsEnd here and indicate school as The British International School of New York or search school number  900118894
  • Look out for discounts and promotions from LandsEnd as below and going forward.
  • For taller students we would recommend buying the uniform in adult sizes so to purchased you would click on that tab within a product vs the kids tab (as indicated in the screenshot below)  If you need further assistance with sizing, they asked could you call them at 1-800-469-2222.

Promotional Code

Please contact us to see if there are any promotions running from Lands End.

Upper School Dress Code

To reflect the greater independence we are giving Upper students, there is not a school uniform. In place of this there is a dress code agreed with students around the expectation that student dress should be smart and appropriate for a place of study. This is based around the following suggestions:

  •  Navy or khaki trousers or mid-length skirt with a collared shirt (and tie). Jacket is optional.
  • For PE students should wear their house color polo shirt with navy shorts or sweatpants.
  • For PE Upper Students may purchase their house color polo shirt or wear their own shirt in their house color (no logo required).

House Colors

Please take note of your House Color below as shared by the Admissions Team following your enrollment. This color indicates the color for your PE Polo Shirt when ordering uniform for students from Year 1 upwards. Bees students all wear RED Polos.

  • Shakespeare = Blue
  • Glennie = White
  • King = Red 

Unsure about your House?  

Please contact admissions@bis-ny.org

What to buy from LandsEnd?

Our uniform is supplied by LandsEnd with the exception of the following supplied by BIS-NY:

  • School ties - House Color 
    • Optional for  Year 2 - 6 
    • Required for Year 7 - 9
  • Swim caps - House Color
  • Swim bags

These items are not supplied by BIS-NY nor offered by LandsEnd so should be purchased independently:

  • School shoes (black)
  • Sports shoes (white or primarily white)
  • Socks and tights (white, black, navy or grey)
  • School appropriate swimwear - Speedo or similar (black or navy)
  • School bags/ backpacks may be purchased from LandsEnd or an appropriate school bag of your choice may be used.

Uniform FAQ

  • Children can wear either Summer or Winter uniform in September. We officially change to Winter uniform after the long weekend in October.
  • P.E Polo Shirts should reflect your child's House Color (as below) and are worn on days where PE is on the timetable or specific other days as indicated by school such as Sports Day:
    • Shakespeare = Blue,
    • Glennie = White
    • King = Red 

If you are unsure about your house please contact admissions@bis-ny.org



I have attended BIS-NY for 3 years. At first, I was unsure if I would fit in, however all the kids and teachers have welcomed me with warm hearts and immediately made me feel at home. I learned so much, made so many new friends and had so many memorable moments. I have grown as a person along with my friends as I progressed through the years and I will miss BIS-NY immensely.