Today, the opportunities to engage students with their learning are virtually limitless. No longer confined to the chapters in a book or an entry in an encyclopedia, information on every topic and all manner of artistic and scientific masterpieces exist as representations on devices we can hold in our hands.

With this opportunity comes responsibility and so along with encouraging active and appropriate integration of technology into all facets of learning, we also place great emphasis on digital literacy. It is no longer sufficient to simply give students the resources to discover and search for information, we must give them to tools to guide and protect them in a world without walls. 

With this is mind The British International School of New York aims to inspire and prepare our students to succeed in our ever-changing world with specific emphasis on how technology can help support success and drive deeper learning.  Our curriculum is rich with opportunities for students to develop the 21st century skills of critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration in both high-tech and no-tech contexts.   

Though our students often come to us as competent consumers of technology, it is our goal to go beyond this application of technology and to have them leave with the capacity to be innovative and create with technology.