Technology at BIS-NY blends practical use of technology with progressive design & digital thinking. From day 1 students learn to use technology effectively and safely across their subjects and develop practical skills in dedicated Technology & Design classes. 

At BIS-NY we take a ‘constructivist” approach and provide students with good guidelines, documentation methods and constructive feedback, encouraging them to think and create for themselves. 

In Early Years, students start to develop confidence and comfort in using technology, through regular use in their classroom, and specialist activities. 

In Lower School, students learn about the primary purpose of technology and explore ways in which technology can solve problems. Students are taught about traditional strands of technology such as programming and robotics and work on a range of practical projects that enable them to develop confidence and fundamental skills. Students also learn about explore engineering and circuitry, demonstrating their knowledge in a series of practical projects from building boats, bridges, and creating their own electrical circuits. 

In Middle School, students take the MYP Design course, which addresses technology in both the digital and product design perspectives. With a client or audience in mind, students learn and follow the design cycle that enables them to build on the skills and concepts they have already learned before prototyping and creating their final solutions. Students work is documented digitally through Google Suite and also start to develop digital skills such as graphic design, video creation, text coding (Python), robotics and even electrical engineering. 

In Upper School, students can undertake a GCSE in Computer Science and participate in a wide range of technology focused extra curricular activities. 


The research and technology skills my daughter learned when pursuing a successful end-of- Year 6 exhibition were beyond expectation. It was a joy to see such amazing research skills: she knows exactly where to get the information and how to make the most of it. 


Inside the classroom