Physical And Health Education

At The British International School of New York, we take an inclusive approach to  Physical and Health Education that fosters the necessary development of the physical and mental attributes needed to lead a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle at BIS-NY and beyond. 

Our journey begins in Early Years where students develop a mastery of fundamental movement skills and physical fluency that will support them into adulthood. Our programme is aligned with the English National Curriculum and where it authentically supports the unit, PE lessons at BIS-NY are linked to the I.B unit of study in the classroom. This creates an environment where the focus is not solely on physical performance, but instead recognises physical and health education as a more personal journey that differs depending on the individual. We are also proud to integrate technology into PE through the use of Google Classroom, creating an alternative perspective for students and increasing contact time away from lessons through a combination of video skill reviews and home learning tasks. 

In our Early Years, physical literacy is an overarching theme. The primary focus is the development of gross motor skills and spatial awareness which provides a strong foundation that will be built on in future years. We are proud to offer our early years students weekly swimming in our onsite swimming pool. Early Years students showcase their skills in an annual Swim Showcase and at the school wide sports day, providing an opportunity to develop confidence and celebrate their achievements. 

In our Lower School, students begin to go off-site for specialist lessons, using New York’s finest facilities such as the East River Park and Asphalt Green Pool and gymnasium. Students start to apply fundamental skills developed in early years to team games such as football (soccer), basketball or field hockey. Students are also introduced different types of competitive games from invasion and target games to striking and fielding games. In addition to our school wide sports day, students in Lower School also showcase their talents in a Swim Gala. 

In our Middle School, the I.Bs interdisciplinary units are introduced encouraging students to explore and develop their skills in the context of their wider studies. There is an increased use of technology providing instant feedback and peer review as well as the opportunity for students to hone their skills and interests beyond the classroom through Google classroom tools. All students undertake a swimming unit, which culminated in an exciting Swim Gala to which parents are invited. Finally, in years 7 - 9 4 key I.B requirements are introduced that offer students the opportunity to explore PE as more than just physical outcome but as a healthy , personal lifestyle. 

In our Upper School, student’s start with the IGCSE in PE which includes an in depth practical and theoretical component that culminates in a written assessment as well as physical exams in 4 chosen sports. An outstanding Co-Curricular programme is also introduced which offers students access to additional facilities and opportunities to develop skills such as fitness, spinning, yoga, teen fitness and age appropriate weight training. 
Beyond the classroom students have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop the many values of our school, and experience the wide range of emotions that team sports provide. Whether it is autumnal soccer in Central Park or winters spent on the basketball court, school pride and spirit are proudly on show through our soccer, basketball, swimming, track & field and tennis teams; competing against local independent middle schools in the American International Private School League. 


    Sports teams & clubs 

    BIS-NY is proud to provide a range of competitive sporting opportunities across the school. 


    It was a new environment for me at BIS-NY. I have learned a lot of new things about this new education system in America. It is a new travel and adventure in my life. It is always difficult at the start, but now I feel more comfortable. It has been a fun time for me and I have enjoyed learning new things and playing on the school basketball team. It has been great to meet new people and learn a new language. I will always remember my BIS-NY experience. Thank you to everyone who has helped me on this journey.