Music is a universal form of human expression.  It is a unique way to engage all students in effective, imaginative and productive activity.  

Learning through music helps students to explore, share and communicate their sense of identity and understanding of the world, while providing opportunities to develop self-confidence, resilience and adaptability.

The music program at BIS-NY plays an integral part in the comprehensive framework of the IB Curriculum. Knowledge and understanding are enriched in collaboration with other subjects. The children’s natural inquisitiveness is enhanced by exploring music from various times and cultures, as well as developing students’ musicianship and skills with a wide variety of offerings.

Using a “sound before sight” approach to music education, students as young as three years old practice the fundamentals of music literacy, drawing heavily on the approaches of Zoltán Kodály and John Feierabend.  Recorders are introduced in Year 4 and in Year 5 choir, string and woodwind ensemble all become part of students’ well rounded education through Year 9.  The practical learning aspect of instrumental studies is expanded upon with music theory and composition, history and appreciation. As extra-curricular options, students are encouraged to participate in music clubs including our touring choir, Empire State of Sound.

Private instructional music lessons are also available in school.


BIS-NY’s music department is world class! Our daughter was taught to play the cornet beautifully; she has also thoroughly enjoyed singing in the choir. We feel her participation in this has been a large factor in her overall growth in confidence as a pupil in the past 18 months.

BIS-NY Parent

 My favourite subject at BIS-NY so far is music because our topic was to create a remix of a song. I tried a remix of one of my favourite soundtracks from my favourite composer Hans Zimmer. I am looking forward to continuing my study in BIS-NY Upper Years and hope to meet new people and understand their experiences.