Modern Languages

At The British International School of New York, World Languages are at the heart of student learning. Beyond learning to speak another language, the acquisition of a second tongue enables a learner to gain a more profound understanding of their own culture through learning about that of others.

It provides an open-minded perspective of foreign views and customs and it allows students to become more confident, fluent and competent communicators at a time when globalization and mobility are bringing the world closer together than ever before. Our program promotes an appetite for global access through the exploration of the language and culture.

Foreign language from the start

Foreign language acquisition begins immediately at BIS-NY, as our Nursery students (age 3) begin studying French or Spanish. They continue through the Early Years programme, building upon the foundations of daily, oral-based lessons that allow students the frequency of exposure to the language that age requires. As they move into the PYP and then subsequently within the MYP, students are taught in increasingly longer lessons three times per week to allow time for the deeper assimilation and practice of the language.

Second & additional languages

MYP students are introduced to Latin in addition their second language of choice. For more insight into the value we see in including Latin for all students, please read here.

Additional languages such as Arabic and Mandarin Chinese are also on offer as after school enrichment options. 

We believe our teaching of languages is an indispensable resource in unlocking crucial lifelong skills necessary for our pupils to become productive global citizens typified by open-mindedness, understanding and respect for others.