The Latin Language is the golden bridge that helps us connect with the past, understand the present and build the future. 

Latin is related to all the other disciplines and many facets of our lives; its study broadens our horizons and enriches all areas of learning. 

At BIS-NY students study the Latin Language, Roman Literature, Roman Culture and Roman History. All four areas of the study are designed to bring awareness of  speech, to refine and ameliorate communication, to develop critical and creative thinking, to teach organization and law, to instigate wonder and conversations on fine topics and above all, to give rise to the love of learning. 

Serious study combined with a variety of activities, puzzles, games, re-enactments and storytelling keep the learning meaningful and engaging.

In Year 9, students have the option to take the National Latin Exam, where BIS-NY students have typically achieved outstanding results. 

Latest news

This holiday season, BIS-NY students and staff were challenged to create their own WISH for our community, based on Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld’s book “I Wish You More”.

Here are their wishes... 

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