Individuals And Societies

In Individuals and Societies we teach history, geography and social science through their points of intersection. In the spirit of the IB we reward questions more than answers and in the words of Margaret Mead, above all, we attempt to teach students “never [to] doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

Using universally applicable statements of inquiry to guide our research, we seek to garner an understanding of trends and patterns in the rise of civilizations, globalization and dynamics of power, privilege and access. We begin our journey into I&S with an investigation into early humans. Our inquiry into their evolutionary adaptations to environmental changes fosters an understanding of the imperative of geographic literacy to study history. Developing geographic literacy at the onset, we explore the why of where civilizations and language originated and bloomed, how monarchical empires were built, expanded and lost to popular revolts and what varying forms of government and global trade relations replaced them. Through a study of current events and social justice issues, students are guided in their approach to global citizenship and civic responsibility.

Through the teaching and exploration of research techniques looking at source, value and cross reference and the use of primary and secondary resources, students build a skillset that allows them to access information with perspective that will serve them far beyond their MYP years. The combination of content, concepts and skills taught create a well-rounded, engaging and lasting curriculum for students. 

The world is but a school of inquiry