The BIS-NY Drama curriculum is designed to enable students to learn about and experiment with a wide range of techniques, philosophies, genres and theatre practices from different cultures. 

Throughout the curriculum students are encouraged to develop their skills through role play, research tasks, devised performances, script work, creative writing, independent, and ensemble work and workshops. In addition, students learn to apply these theatre techniques; exploring issues, feelings, points of view and global concerns. The program has a strong emphasis on creativity, collaboration and risk taking. The inclusive, practical and challenging nature of our Drama program creates a dynamic and inspiring learning environment. Equally as important, we equip students with interactive and communication skills that will enrich every aspect of their personal and public world.

Drama at BISNY is not just about teaching acting skills and theatre techniques - it is about learning about yourself and others, solving problems both imaginary and real world, through role play. It is about learning how to work together towards a common goal. It is about learning about a science, literary, or history topic through a different lens. It is about developing empathy for people, places, and issues by "stepping into their shoes." It is about keeping imagination alive and vibrant and using it to learn about yourself and the world around you

In our Nursery & Reception (early years) students explore role and story development both through role play in their classrooms and in Drama lessons. New and familiar tales are retold, recreated, and re purposed, along with beginning to learn about scripts, expression, and ensemble.

In our Lower School, while Drama is a discrete lesson, it is integrated through the IB units of inquiry, giving students a kinesthetic and empathetic lens to enhance their understanding whilst providing a natural vehicle where they can develop confidence through expression and exploration.

Drama in the Middle School emphasises the importance of students working as artists to create their own original work both independently and collaboratively. Consequently, there is an equal emphasis on the importance of a quality creative process and on the importance of the final product. Students are encouraged to experiment with new ideas, justify their choices and work collaboratively to apply their knowledge.

Drama will be offered in our Upper School from September 2020 alongside a wide range of extra curricular opportunities, as well as leadership roles within our school productions.

The MYP program offers a rich variety of music and art as well as solid academics taught in an engaging and “hands on” style allowing all children to reach their potential.