In debate, students from Year 6 upwards learn the importance of both understanding how to produce a balanced argument and taking a stand.

Exploring resolutions as far reaching as whether or not cultural treasures should be returned to their place of origin and as close to home as the merits of universal pre-k in New York City, students keep abreast of current events and develop arguments supported by data, expert opinions and logical deductions to defend their opinions and beliefs. Resolutions such as ‘animal testing does more good than harm’ and the ‘US should approve the release of genetically modified insects’ push debaters to vet resources for accuracy and bias, hold their opponents accountable to high standards of research and craft definitions and frames that favor their position.

Drawing on presentation skills, preparation and mental flexibility, students learn to think with their teammates and on their feet to argue multiple sides of these often nebulous and layered topics.

New York Debate League

BIS-NY participates in the New York Debate League tournaments once a month where they bring these carefully crafted tool kits to battle it out with public, private and charter schools across the five boroughs and take home trophies, gavels and new friendships.

I would not be where I am today in Debate without your constant support and how much you helped me develop my skills. Because of you I am a more confident person in all aspects of life and I've realised that I want to go into the field of law when I'm older.