The Student Voice

The goal of Student Council is to give MYP students representation in decision making within the MYP, and to have a direct impact on the development and improvement of the program, whilst developing experience of leadership. 

Led by the School and Deputy Captains, Student Council nomination is open to all students and representatives from each mentor group are elected by a student vote.  Student Council meets with the MYP Head, to discuss and develop possible solutions to pertinent student issues.  Student Council representatives are active in gathering feedback and ideas from their peers to bring to the council, and feeding back to the MYP student body on matters discussed and actions to be taken.

Student voice and leadership is developed further through a range of other student leadership positions, such as Language Leaders, Digital Ambassadors and The Green Team.

My experience at BIS-NY has been better than I ever could have imagined. After 9 years here I have seen friends come and go and made lifelong memories that I will take with me to my future school and later life. I would like to thank all my BIS-NY teachers for making me feel welcome and keeping my experience enjoyable throughout my years here.
My years of schooling here will not go to waste.