Mentor Groups

All students in the MYP are allocated to a mentor group, with an assigned staff mentor.  They start and end every day with their mentor,  along with have longer sessions for more in depth discussion.

The mentor provides focused support for all members of the mentor group; guiding them in managing the challenges of middle school, and overseeing their progress and well-being. 
In this intimate setting, students discuss issues relevant to their life in middle school and explore strategies to better navigate social and emotional experiences, in a wider context.
The role of the mentor is to facilitate these discussions and support the needs of their mentees, by building an environment that fosters trust and openness so that the students can express who they are and how they are feeling in a respectful and supporting environment.

BIS-NY is a school of knowledge and of principles. Classic themes are taught in a breathtakingly modern, relevant and dynamic way. My son is immersed and engaged far past the time the school day is done. He is thinking, not just learning.