Lower School

Welcome to the Lower School, where young minds develop and grow, and are challenged and stimulated every day as they explore and discover more and more about the world around them. 

As students progress, the dynamic delivery of the traditional disciplines taught through the I.B. Primary Years Programme's framework continues to provide a portable, engaging and challenging learning environment that encourages students to build their knowledge and skills.

Teachers foster a collaborative atmosphere within the classroom that encourages pupils to be resourceful learners and independent thinkers with a keen sense of intellectual curiosity. 

From the beginning of the journey in Nursery, through the lower school,  children are immersed in a variety of concrete, play based learning experiences which provide the building blocks for skill development in the core areas of the curriculum. In these early years, children’s personal, social and emotional development underpins all aspects of curriculum planning, and it is also when they begin to acquire early reading and writing skills and an understanding of key mathematical concepts through a mix of adult directed and practical experiences.

The core subjects of literacy and numeracy are taught daily, in order to successfully embed and consolidate these key skills. Art, Music, Physical Education and Languages are also taught by specialist teachers in the Lower School, who work alongside form teachers to incorporate cross curricular themes into their own areas of study. This trans-disciplinary approach of the I.B. framework enables children to effectively make connections between subjects, skills and concepts to ensure breadth and depth of learning. More information on the specialist teaching can be reviewed here.

As children transition through the Lower School, although lessons become more adult directed in their structure, there is still space for structured play, exploration and discovery in a supportive and engaging environment.  With new areas of study come new opportunities for responsibility such as positions in our school council, roles in the school plays, as well as new team sports and after school options.

Specialist subjects in the Lower School

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Since day one, both children have been very happy and settled. They are excited to go to school each day. The teachers are all outstanding and strive to ensure that each child in their care is happy and stimulated. We have been thrilled to see that the teachers modify every learning experience so that each child is challenged according to their ability level.

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