Learning Support

 At The British International School of New York we are committed to delivering an inclusive educational environment for all of our students. The Learning Support Department acts as a whole-school resource, committed to addressing learning diversity needs within the school. 

Lower School

In the Early Years our learning support team work collaboratively with each year level team to identify and assist students who require educational interventions.  Support is delivered through a combination of small group instruction and integrated classroom support, as is most appropriate.  

Middle & Upper School 

In Years 5 and 6 of the Middle School, students follow the MESH model (Mathematics, English, Science & Humanities). Students have a class teacher that oversees their progress and personal development throughout the week, and begin the transition to the MYP (Years 7-9), by having more specialised subject teachers. In Years 7 and 9, students are allocated a staff mentor, who guides them through the remainder of Middle School, supporting their growth both in and outside of the classroom.

In Years 10 through 13 of the Upper School, students are part of a mentor group with a designated mentor who meets with them daily.  Through this provision students set goals, complete settling-in interviews in the start of the year, and receive support through PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) instruction.  Students often have study periods to work independently on coursework, to revise, or to work with teachers to receive additional support.

Throughout both programs, learning support staff provide consultation and liaise with teachers, mentors, parents and the students themselves on best practices, strategies and accommodations. Supporting students with their executive function as they progress through the school and work to college and university is of the utmost importance.

Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten pupils are provided a hands-on learning experience everyday, with amazing teachers who helped my daughter build self-confidence and have an appreciation for world cultures.


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