Welcome to Early Years where our children thrive in a bustling, colourful space, directly connected to the school's lower playground for easy access to the fresh air for physical play and outdoor learning, and with light and views overlooking the East River.

Our dedicated and passionate teachers take great care to engage their children on a level that is age appropriate, ensuring at all times that each child's needs and interests are accounted for and integrated into their learning. The children enjoy a balance of structured and child-initiated activities to develop co-ordination, concentration and independence, while also experiencing the social and emotional benefits of school life.

Our Nursery and Early Years program is designed for a time where the bridge between home and school is just being formed, and where a careful balance of support, structure and nurture can make all the difference. 

During these first steps in education, it is our priority to ensure children feel secure and supported, yet challenged and engaged in their daily school life. We recognise that warm working relationships between children, their friends and their teachers are essential, particularly at this stage when children may be away from their parents or carers for the first time. During these critical early years, children learn to deal with their feelings, become responsible, learn to make decisions and gradually become independent.

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Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten pupils are provided a hands-on learning experience everyday, with amazing teachers who helped my daughter build self-confidence and have an appreciation for world cultures.


Early Years