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"The world's finest curriculum in the world's greatest city"

Welcome to Upper where our world-class programme was carefully selected for its recognition and reputation globally. For all students, whether new or existing, the Upper school is committed to providing an exceptional academic program which equips our students with the knowledge, skills and intellectual enthusiasm to thrive at university and beyond, and for a future workplace that is ever-evolving.

Built around the long-established, respected and rigorous Cambridge International Examinations courses of study which lead to International General Certificates of Secondary Education (IGCSE) at 16 and Advanced Level Examinations (A Level) at 18, these courses are taken by over a million students in more than 160 countries around the world and are highly regarded by universities in the USA, UK and internationally. Successful completion of A Levels not only meets the entrance requirements of universities in the US, but can even qualify students for up to one year’s credit at some of America’s leading institutions.

Alongside this robust and inspiring curriculum, there is a thorough guidance and counseling system to support students through these critical years and assist with the vital process of preparation for college and university. Although BIS-NY's Upper School is only in its first full year of graduating students we are delighted by the caliber of offers and places that our students have achieved so far, a selection of which can be found here.

Considering doing the IGCSE only at BIS-NY?

We are delighted to welcome students looking to complete their studies with the IB Diploma, offering them the opportunity to complete their IGCSEs with us at BIS-NY before embarking on the Diploma at the onward school of their choice.

Contact us now for more information on how to join us for Upper, and how we will work to smooth the transition for your family at this critical juncture in their educational journey.

What does the Upper School curriculum offer? 

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It's a great experience and I wouldn't learn so much anywhere else.



I have been at BIS-NY for ten years, and I am excited to stay for another four years at BIS-NY Upper School! I have had the most wonderful time at BIS-NY... every day from Reception to Year 9 has been an amazing learning adventure for me. BIS-NY has allowed me to thrive in so many ways and I have made so many friends over the year. Next year, I will be entering Year 10 at BIS-NY where I will be studying my IGCSEs in several subjects for two years. Then I will move onto my A-Levels for another 2 years! I would like to thank all of the teachers who have always been there for me and who allow me to grow.