BIS-NY Bees (3 - 5 year olds)

Welcome to the BIS-NY Bees. For families considering preschool options, we are delighted to introduce our world-class early education program, designed for a time where the bridge between home and school is just being formed and where a careful balance of support, structure and nurture can make all the difference!

Split into the Honeybees (3s) and the Bumblebees (4s),  we welcome you to explore the BIS-NY Bees Preschool program below and to join us at the Hive, as it's here where the magic of learning and the wonder of exploration can really begin.

(*Children are eligible to join the nursery program if they are 3 by December 31st of their year of entry)

Explore the BIS-NY Bees with our video!

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Our program 

Honeybees - $35,500
Birthdays between 1 Sep 2017 & 31st Dec 2018 

Bumblebees - $39,500 
Birthdays between 1st Sep 2016 - 31st Aug 2017

Ready to join the hive?

To join the hive all you need to do is: 

1. Complete an application form 
2. Send a copy of your child's passport or their birth certificate to 
3. Wait for us to be in touch! 

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