At The British International School of New York we are proud educators of a truly global school community representing more than 40 countries alongside our many British and American families. Our unique curriculum is designed to offer a highly portable education which reinforces a passion for learning for our students that lasts far beyond their school days; wherever their future may take them.

From the first days of Nursery, through to the preparation for senior school and high school entrance or university, BIS-NY encourages its students to face both opportunity and challenge with competence and confidence, grounded within a caring and inspiring academic environment. 

This distinctive learning environment requires an unparalleled education program, which is why we offer the powerful combination of the inquiry-based International Baccalaureate ‘I.B.’ alongside the ambitious academics of the English National Curriculum ‘ENC’. The foundations of the English curriculum ensure depth of knowledge and robust understanding of mathematics, literacy, science, humanities, art and languages while the I.B. offers a framework that promotes critical thinking, problem solving and reflection. 

This blend focuses on educating the whole child, fostering intellectual development, along with personal, social and emotional growth demonstrated by the priority given to our student's well-being and pastoral care as they journey through the school.

What makes us different? 

BIS-NY is a school of knowledge and of principles. Classic themes are taught in a breathtakingly modern, relevant and dynamic way. My son is immersed and engaged far past the time the school day is done. He is thinking, not just learning.


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