US Families - Why BIS-NY?

Despite our name, BIS-NY is not just for Brits...

A unique offering in NY, ambitious academics and social-emotional support at the heart of the school

Having started very much as an outpost for British families here in New York, BIS-NY has grown in popularity amongst local New York families who have come to appreciate the quality of a great British and international education. Combining the academic rigor of the English National Curriculum with the International Baccalaureate, BIS-NY provides a world class, global perspective here in New York, and qualifications which are highly respected by leading universities across the United States.

A robust local community softens the edges of growing up in New York City

Testament to the successful approach is the fact that almost a third of our student population is American, many of whom are local New Yorkers for whom the balance of academic rigor and emphasis on pastoral care and wellbeing offer an appealing education option and bring the best of what it means to be growing up in NYC in 2023 to life!

Portable qualifications allow every student breadth and opportunity in their onward endeavors

The portability of the education offered successfully sets all our students up for success, wherever they're headed next and at whatever stage of their education they're moving onto. Good grades (A or B) at A-Level will usually count for up to a year's college credit at most universities as a reflection of the depth and quality of study achieved.

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Why BIS-NY isn't just for Brits!

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