Reopening plans

As we prepare for a return to school we are taking great care to follow government guidelines and requirements to ensure the health and well-being of our community.  Please refer to the document below to see our latest response and the measures we are putting in place to ensure a safe start. We will also post updates on the parent portal.

Please note this is a live document that will be updated as information is shared by the State and any changes are made by the school. We will notify you if and when updates are made.

Checklist: Required items

The following items must be completed prior to starting school or are reminders for when school starts. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our Admissions Team via admissions@bis-ny.org who will be delighted to assist. 

Useful information

School Calendar (adjusted)

Please note that have adjusted the start of term to enable students to settle into their new routines and will be providing a Transition week from the 31st August to the 4th September.* Please see further details on this week below, split for those who are joining us in-person, or at distance.

*This is optional for families who have already made plans that will preclude them from being able to attend over this week.

In-Person Learners:

The first day of Transition Week for in-person learners is Monday 31st August and teachers will use this day to go over the practical arrangements for helping to keep everyone safe and well each day in school.  In-person learners will then attend school each day this week from Monday 31st August- Thursday 3rd September.  They will not have lessons on Friday 4th September.

Distance Learners:

The first day of Transition Week for distance learners is Tuesday 1st September and teachers will use this day to allow distance and in-person students in each class to get to know one another and to begin to establish and practise the arrangements for learning and collaborating as a class this year. 

Distance learners will then attend school for the normal school hours this week from Tuesday 1st  to Thursday 3rd September. 

They will also have lesson time from 9 to 11 on Friday 4th September for distance learners only to go over the main arrangements for accessing lessons and work when full term begins the following week.
There are no lessons on the afternoon of Friday 4th September as this time will be used for staff training.

Full Year Calendar

Please review the full year school calendar for 2020/21 here


  1. Mask protocols
    A reminder that masks are to be worn by the full school community at all time when inside school buildings. Masks need to be brought from home and it is recommended to have a spare mask in case the primary mask gets wet or broken. The school does have spare masks in case of need.


  2. ln conjunction with the Arrival & Dismissal timings and locations listed above, please remember:

    • Parents not allowed in school buildings - A reminder that parents  may not come into school buildings, they may however stay socially distanced within the playground (Reception) and plaza, near the stairs to the Urban Garden (Year 1). 

    • Scooters - For those riding scooters to school we have included information about where these can be left in the document. Please note students are responsible for parking and retrieving their own scooters on arrival and at dismissal.

  3. Bike Racks
    These are located outside the main school entrance (Building 20). There is room for 20 bikes, to be used on a  first come first serve basis.
    Please note that school is not responsible for loss/theft/damage to bikes stored here.


  4. Lockers
    These are not being used this term to avoid unnecessary congestion and congregation by the students, therefore we recommend items brought from home are kept to a minimum.


  5. Water bottles
    These will not be provided this year.
    Please provide your own, labelled water bottle for your child.


  6. Afterschool Care
    A reminder this is being offered on a limited basis in pods only. Please indicate your interest in this for your family in the acknowledgement form (located in the Reopening Plan) due back to school on August 19th.


Get ready for life at BIS-NY

As we prepare to reopen in September we are stringently following all recommendations and requirements to ensure the wellbeing of our school community. We therefore anticipate that we will be unable to offer our usual enrichment program in the Autumn Term, but hope to be able to reinstate these activities in the Spring Term. 

The items below give an overview of the activities we would usually offer, to give you some insight into normal life at BIS-NY. We will update this site, and notify you via email as and when we are able to offer each item. 

* Please note that as of June 2020 we are not planning to offer these activities in the Autumn Term. 

Summer Learning