Planning a visit (Virtual)

Where possible, we do recommend a visit in person to see the school and meet the team. It is in through visiting our school one-on-one that you get a real sense for the energy that permeates the classrooms, the purposeful happiness of the students and the passionate dedication of our teachers and specialists. 

However during these unprecedented times we are delighted to offer virtual visits to all families. During this 'visit' our Admissions Team will give you a sense of our campus and learning spaces as well as an overview of the curriculum. We of course also be able to answer any questions you have about our school and your application. 

Explore our campus

The general feel of BIS-NY is one of such nurturing and happiness — what more could a child ask for? The school’s strong ethic to broaden children’s outlook on the world and current events gives them such confidence from a very early age; it gives the school its own unique personality not seen anywhere else in New York.