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If you’re looking for a preschool program in a big city, you know there is plenty of choice. But how do you know which style of program will best suit your child, and when comparing your options and how do you cut through the buzzwords to work out what really matters?

Join us on Thursday November 19th at 09am EST to ask two leading education experts: What matters most in preschool & how do you find it? 

Globally-acclaimed Early Years specialist Alistair Bryce-Clegg and Preschool Advisor Anne Burns from the Parents League of New York will explore the critical components of a successful preschool program and share tips for how to find programs that embody them.

  • What is the impact of early education & why will your child benefit from it? 
  • How do you navigate the variety of options & buzzwords? 
  • What should parents be looking for & what is most important? 
  • How has covid affected early education & how should parents manage it? 

Join our webinar

  • Thursday 19th November 09am EST
  • Globally-acclaimed Early Years specialist Alistair Bryce-Clegg
  • Preschool expert at the Parents League of New York, Anne Burns
  • Perfect for parents with children under 5





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Enchantment in Early Education