Day by Day

As we navigate a new world of remote learning we have been impressed to see how BIS-NY students and staff have taken on the challenge, and thrived as a virtual school.

In addition to virtual classes, assemblies and study groups, our students have been engaged in a wide range of extra-curricular activities that have kept them motivated and connected to their teachers and peers wherever they are. Below we have shared a small selection of some of the achievements and activities BIS-NY have been enjoying and we hope that you will enjoy some of the tips and challenges as much as we have. 


Daily Dose of Inspiration

Over the past few weeks our sister schools, Abercorn in London and BIS-NY in New York have been sharing a daily dose of fun from our teachers, staff and recommended to us by parents & friends in our community.  See our full list of tips, as well as links to activities and recommendations from our community here, and please do add your own comments and feedback! 

Some Good News (BIS-NY style!)

The BIS-NY Staycation Challenge

Earth Day Bingo

Stay fit at home with BIS-NY PE!

    BIS-NY Spirit at Home

    Enjoy more videos from BIS-NY

    From fitness videos, to projects and story time, BIS-NY is staying connected at home. Enjoy this selection of latest videos and enjoy more here

    Creativity at home

    BIS-NY's Art room continues to thrive whilst our students challenge themselves to be more creative at home. Explore the BIS-NY Art room on Instagram to enjoy our weekly creativity challenges, virtual rehearsals and the wide range of projects that our students are sharing from home.