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    Year 7 Trip to the Liberty Science Center

    November 6, 2015


    Year 7 visited the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey to explore the interactive exhibition ‘Energy Quest’ related to their first unit. Students engaged in a variety of interactive displays based on Surface, Bio-stored, Nuclear,Ocean and Geo-thermal energy themes. Year 7 also had the opportunity to explore the Skyscraper exhibition including the planning, design, engineering and technology of these amazing structures. One student even walked a high beam, 18 feet above the gallery floor!

    Year 3 Theatre Trip

    October 30, 2015


    Year 3 students are currently exploring how stories and dance can represent and connect different cultures. Last week we saw ‘The Gruffalo’ at The New Victory Theatre and this week we saw a modern retelling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ at Circle in The Square Theatre. These trips have allowed students to understand how well known stories can be retold and shown in different ways.

    Year 7 trip to The American Museum of Natural History

    October 22, 2015


    Year 7s, Ms. Beatty, Mr. Wallace and Ms. Bateman traveled through time to The American Museum of Natural History to discover more about our human origins. In the Hall of Human Origins, students explored our evolution into Homo sapiens. Looking at many different models (including a replica of Australopithecus afarensis Lucy’s skeleton), all life size and realistically depicted, students raced to complete their scavenger hunt in order to ground and supplement their classroom learning on how a fluctuation of resources […]

    Year 5 class trip to the MET

    October 16, 2015

    met 4

    On Wednesday Year Five took their first class trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to look at and analyse some of the masterpieces of American art from the 18th to the early 19th century. In particular the painting of George Washington Crossing the Delaware was a highlight for the children!

    Year 9 Disabilities Day

    October 15, 2015


    Today the Year 9 students participated in an experience where they were given a simulation of a disability for a day. Some of these include in the inability to see, hear, use certain limbs, and walk. The purpose behind this experience is for the students to reflect upon the “invisible” discrimination that can occur in physical spaces or experiences, even when others have the best of intentions. The students participated as much as they possibly could in every aspect of […]

    Soccer match report against Avenues

    October 1, 2015


    Our inaugural school soccer match took place on 9/28 at Thomas Jefferson Park vs the Avenues school. There were plenty of nerves and lots of excitement amongst our MYP students ahead of this game, and a 3-0 half time deficit was certainly not in the script for them. The players deserve great credit for their efforts to mount a stirring comeback and can feel unlucky to have lost the game 3-2. The second half was full of scoring chances, tiring legs and increasingly excited parents […]

    BIS-NY students published in “The Guardian” newspaper!!

    June 17, 2015


    This semester, five of our wonderful MYP students have had the invaluable opportunity to write book reviews for the children’s literature section of “The Guardian” newspaper. The UK team sent us a collection of titles they wanted reviewed by children aged 11-14 and our budding writers did just that. The name of our book group is “Haveaninkaboutit” (which is so genius it makes me wish that I came up with it…!) “The Guardian” team were VERY impressed with the quality of our student’s […]

    BIS-NY Cares Day 2015

    May 28, 2015

    pillowsforpaws (1)

    BIS-NY Cares Day 2015 saw a number of exciting community outreach projects by the students, from planting plants for the residents at waterside Plaza by our Nursery and reception children, making birthday boxes for underprivileged children in Year1, visiting senior citizen centers on the Upper west Side and making pillows for paws in partnership with the local animal shelter. It was day when exciting, action-based activities were planned for the whole school to connect with the community and for the children […]

    Red Nose Day 2015

    May 21, 2015


    The British International School of New York was delighted to be involved in the first USA Red Nose Day. All our pupils appeared in red clothes, proudly sporting their red noses. The theme of “red” was interpreted by our chef who produced a fantastic “red lunch”. We are rightly proud of Red Nose Day USA and we look forward to even more fun next year!

    Bye Bye Bird school production

    May 14, 2015


    Welcome to New York, 1958: it’s a “rock around the clock” type of place, where romance and jovial blues pulse through the streets. Think Hitchcock, space exploration, all-night diners; Cadillac convertibles, poodle skirts, and of course, that great animal that is Rock ‘n Roll. It’s here that we meet hip-thrusting, toe tapping, teen heart-throb, Conrad Birdie (think Harry Styles of the 1950s) who has been drafted into the army to the despair of his many adoring fanatical and borderline neurotic […]