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    Q. When should I apply?

    Although The British International School of New York operates Rolling Admissions, we recommend you apply as early as possible. Siblings are given priority but after that places are offered in order of receipt of the application.

    Q. How can I apply?

    There is lots of information under the Admissions section, but the best place to start is by reading our page on the application process.

    Q. What happens after I send in my application forms?

    Following receipt of your application items we will call you to schedule a tour (if you have not already toured) and to set up an assessment for your child to ascertain his/her levels for entry into the school.

    Q. How and when can I arrange to see the school?

    Please call us on 212 481 2700 x204 or email Private tours are offered daily.

    Q. Is Financial Assistance available?

    Yes, please contact the Business Office for further information on 212 481 2700 x206.

    Q. Why is the tuition for a 3 year old the same as that for a 13 year old?

    The cost of educating a child is roughly the same whatever their age.  Where a younger child will require a higher staff to pupil ratio, an older pupil will require specialist textbooks, teachers and equipment.


    Q. What curriculum does BIS-NY offer?

    Authorised as an IBO World School in Spring 2009, The British International School of New York is proud to offer a distinctive curriculum combining the inquiry based approach of the IB Primary Years and Middle Years Programme, with the content and rigour of the English National Curriculum. At BIS-NY we are well aware of the competitive nature of the ongoing schools not just in New York, but also internationally and therefore aim for our children to attain significantly higher than the national targets set by the English National Curriculum, as well as offering subjects not required by the government. The school aims to develop confident young learners, with a global outlook in a cross –curricular teaching environment.

    Q. Where do BIS-NY’s faculty and staff come from?

    Many of our staff are British or British-trained, but there are representatives from all over the world including New Zealand, France, Australia and of course the United States!  You can learn all about our staff here.

    Q. What are BIS-NY’s class sizes and what is the staff-pupil ratio?

    Our optimal number of pupils is 20 per class. The staff-pupil ratio across the whole school is 1:7. In the early years it is closer to 1:5.

    Q. Does BIS-NY offer afterschool sports and activities?

    Yes, there is a wide variety on offer, depending on the age and interests of your individual child. There are clubs in chess, swimming, dance, soccer, rugby, girl scouts and Mandarin to name but a few!

    Q. Can BIS-NY cater to a child with special needs?

    It depends on the nature of the needs and each case is considered carefully with the most important question being: will the child flourish in our school and will the child impede the learning of others in the class. BIS-NY does have a SEN-Coordinator on staff.


    Q. Who attends BIS-NY?

    Our children are a dynamic mix of American, British and International families. The split is currently around 1/3 of each which creates a very stimulating learning environment

    Q. How many students attend BIS-NY?

    We have 270 students currently enrolled at BIS-NY.

    Q. How does the school help with the transition of new students?

    Our Parent’s Association has an established Ambassador Programme to ensure that new families are contacted well before term starts and encouraged to arrange play dates as soon as possible. With rolling admissions and our international profile, new children are always welcomed with open arms and not so much a novelty as an exciting new friend for the existing class.

    Q. Does BIS-NY offer transport options to and from school?

    Yes, we have two options for transport to and from school. There are both private and public options available. The private option has a fee attached but is a door-to-door service. The public option is free, but picks and up and drops off to specific designated spots in the City.

    Q. Is there much parental involvement?

    Every parent is automatically a member of the BIS-NY Parent’s Association. This organization is very active in school providing many social “friend raising” events for parents and pupils, as well as assisting with school activities such as the book fair, sports day and International Week.