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  • The School and The Student

    The Exhibition, the culmination of the academic program in the lower school (IBPYP) and rite of passage to middle school, fosters confidence and greater awareness of the world, both local and global. We encourage students to use this assessed experience as a talking point at interviews and portfolios may be shared with the next school.

    As students approach Year 7, the focus on preparation for their next stage of schooling increases, primarily through integration into the curriculum in the form of meaningful, contextualized units, an approach to aquisition of new skills that the students are well familiar with by now. These include study skills, getting organized, homework and tests as well as exam revision and study techniques.

    The English curriculum encompasses oral fluency and students develop the ability to talk about complex ideas as well as recite poetry. Drama workshops develop confidence in students’ ability to express themselves engagingly to broad audiences.

    In teaching and learning, attention is paid to the common themes and content from the Common Entrance test papers as well as advanced comprehension skills and understanding.

    Students are guided in the skills necessary for writing high quality essays under timed conditions.

    The Headmaster meets on a regular basis with students from Year 7 and upwards, to ensure a truly personal relationship with each student, and offer guidance, encouragement and support. This session enables students to explore their academic and career goals and interests. In Year 9 the focus shifts to exploration of specific interests and skill-sets and how these might be applied to a potential career path or area of extended study. Within this the expected qualifications required and level of skill in certain subjects will be identified so no student embarks on a journey without the tools and qualifications to progress.

    Understanding their own academic and learning preferences plays an important part in ensuring that students have found a school that is a good match for them, as does understanding the nuances of each of the schools under consideration.

    We invite guest speakers from a range of careers to speak with students about their work, eliciting experts in chosen fields of interest to our students. Confidence and leadership are explored through more sophisticated community service projects, involving greater responsibility. Students are given the opportunity to practice presenting themselves with short modules for interview technique. They continue to practice test taking skills.