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Why choose an N-8 School?

InternationalEducation Why choose an N 8 School?

As you start to consider your choices for schooling, one of the first determinations to make is whether you are looking for an all-through school (N-12) or not.

At The British International School of New York, we wanted to give you our perspective on why an N-8 school may be the best choice for your children.

We know that children learn differently depending on what age and stage of their schooling they are at.  At BIS-NY, being able to focus our resources and curriculum around the needs of the children and the ages we serve, allows us to optimize their growth and development, creating an environment where each child can attain success.  The manifestation of this growth is not purely demonstrated through academic success but also through social and personal growth, key factors in instilling confidence and happiness in your children.

Being a smaller school with students all under the age of 15 enables us to empower students to feel safe in learning and exploring as they grow in a defined and nurturing school structure.  Our students leave BIS-NY ready and willing to take on the challenges of their onward educational journey, comfortable and confident in their futures.