The British
International School
of New York

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  • The Early Years

    Nursery to Year 2

    Our Nursery to Year 2 (Grade 1) classrooms are characterized by a stimulating, caring and relaxed atmosphere. Students learn to take risks and explore their world through concrete experiences. They learn to deal with their feelings, become responsible, make decisions and gradually become independent.

    nursery1 The Early YearsThe IB Primary Years Programme framework allows us the flexibility to use the content of the English National curriculum   (Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and 2) to integrate the school day as much as possible, a structure that minimizes the distinctions among various content areas.

    The concept-based framework focuses on higher-level thinking, problem solving and inquiry while incorporating basic skills at all levels.  With a diverse student body, the strength and vitality of our curriculum lies in an intentionally international approach to learning for our students. We use the cultural landscape of the city with its diverse offerings to extend the learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

    The Early Years teachers strive to provide an exciting and stimulating environment where the needs of the whole child are nurtured. Respect for the uniqueness of each child is key , with each child’s developmental level considered and accommodated. ‘Learning through doing’ is central to our beliefs. Work and play are interchangeable, and all classroom experiences yield learning opportunities. Our spaces provide an empathetic context for listening to children and their ideas.