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Lunch Programme

lunchprogramme Lunch Programme

The British International School lunch programme is proudly served by WSP Catering, a first-rate team of chefs and servers who work hard to ensure lunch at BIS-NY is tasty, interesting and nutritionally balanced.

In addition to a daily offered main entrée, vegetarian entrée, starch, two veggie options and soup, children may head to the salad bar, which boasts a daily rotation of fresh vegetables, whole grains, composed salads, grilled chicken, and beans along with low fat yogurt and cheeses.  Dessert is served daily and may consist of fresh fruit, pudding, apple sauce as well as the occasional home baked treat.  Our lunch programme is prepared in a nut-free kitchen, using nut-free ingredients.

WSP Catering is committed to sustainable solutions, as such permanent wares are used for lunch services, energy efficiency and water conservation are practiced in the kitchen, cross-utilization of food product is built into menu plans, environmentally-responsible cleaning supplies, and students and teachers are encouraged to watch their waste in the lunchroom.

The team is always happy to serve second helpings.  WSP Catering understands that education does not stop when a student enters the lunchroom.  The team at BIS-NY encourages our young diners to show good table manners, to try new foods, reach for fruits and vegetables, and make smart choices that will lead to a lifetime of good health.

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